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My name is Terry Patterson and you have probably stopped by to find out more about me and what I can do for your organization. It’s difficult for an organization to find someone with the technical knowledge to take on a rack of servers or computers and be able to teach co-workers how to use the latest web browser.   This is the unique mix of technological familiarity along with excellent people skills.

I offer all this and more, take a look around this area and find out more about what I have done for other organizations.   I feel you will find that I can help your organization meet its goals.

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While my numerous skills and abilities can be found in my resume, most fall into the following categories.
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I am an Agnostic Technology Evangelist. Whether Apple or Android, PC or Mac, GUI or Command Line, Windows server or Linux server, Web application or Desktop one. My multiple years in the IT world provides employers and customers expertise with a variety of applications.

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Education & Training

Many colleagues call me a presentation guru. My presentations engage, inform, and entertain attendees at local, regional, state, national, virtual, and international conferences. I also am a certified Blackboard trainer and can teach numerous other technologies.


My background includes a variety of experiences in the Instructional Design process. From the review and development of a course based on design models. To the creation course content and final review to ensure courses meet national and international standards.


Many brilliant people understand technology, but lack the ability to explain a concept or concepts to non-technical users. I bridge the communication gap and develop relationships between departments and silos. My objective, in the end, ensures everyone understands the needs and issues each other face when trying to complete a project or task.

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Author, Blogger, Educator, Problem Solver & Technophile

Terry Patterson has over ten years of experience administrating Blackboard LMS environments at various institutions. During that time, he has held numerous leadership roles in Blackboard feedback panels and customer-led user groups. In 2009, he received a Blackboard Catalyst Award for his work in the Blackboard Community. He has given presentations at state, national, and international conferences about emerging and advanced integrations with the Blackboard application. He holds certifications as a Blackboard Trainer and a Blackboard Server Administrator. When not busy in his position as LMS Application Administrator at the University of Missouri and an educational technology consultant, he works to help answer questions from other system administrators and posts the issues he faces on his Blackboard Guru blog at http://www.blackboardguru.com/.

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