Hold the Winning Hand: Tools and Tips to Help Manage Blackboard Learn Environments

Blackboard at the University of Missouri has always been a mission critical environment; however, it lacked the tools necessary to analyze and troubleshoot. Learn how Mizzou introduced third party tools and scripts that helped administrators better understand how users interact with Blackboard and improved troubleshooting issues within the application. Attendees will take away information about open source and proprietary software they can implement within their environments, along with tips and tricks to improve communications with Blackboard Support.

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Presented at Blackboard World 2014 and Slate Conference 2014

Focusing on SIS Frameworks: A Migration from Snapshot Integration Tools

This presentation reviews the issues and processes the University of Missouri used in the integration of their student information system with Blackboard Learn. Attendees will learn how the project team succeeded in implementing the new SIS Framework after just completing a Snapshot Flat File integration.

The University of Missouri wanted to improve data integration between their student information system and Blackboard Learn. During the improvement project, Blackboard introduced the new SIS Framework and deprecated the Snapshot process.  The project team changed the project scope to include use of the SIS Framework. This presentation reviews the process, issues, and lessons learned during the project.

Attendees should come away with a better understanding of the new SIS Framework and how to plan and implement a migration from the snapshot process. These include how the now deprecated snapshot process parallels the new SIS Framework and how feed files (such as flat files) will need to be changed for use in the new process. The presentation will include examples of the integration process.


Terry Patterson, LMS Application Administrator

Jeremy Wiebold, Student Information Systems Programmer



Blackboard World 2013

Blackboard Developers Conference 2013


Watch the presentation

Watch the presentation

Building Bridges to Better Online Education: Developing a statewide program to achieve and recognize excellence in online education

Many institutions across the country are facing the increasing push to offer more and more classes in online environments.  While this need grows, the same institutions face no funding to increase staff and to spur training for course developers and instructors.  In the state of Arkansas, the Blackboard Users Group, called ARBUG, created a statewide program to recognize excellence in online courses.  The Diamond Award program uses the Blackboard Exemplary Courses Rubric to review courses created at state institutions using Blackboard LMS products. In this session we will review the program from creation to implementation.  Attendees will go away with an understanding of how to create such a program within their institution, state, or region.



Sue Burris, ARBUG Diamond Award, Co-Director

Mark Burris, ARBUG Diamond Award, Co-Director

Terry Patterson, Founding ARBUG President


Presented at Blackboard World 2012

Implementing Blackboard Snapshot aka The Good, The Bad, & The Errors


South Arkansas Community College implemented Blackboard Snapshot starting in the Spring 2008 semester. The tool pulls information from the institution’s SIS system (POISE) and updates student contact information, rosters, etc. in Blackboard with near real time synchronization. The presentation will include the structure used and the plan developed to have the procedure running for the institution.

Presented at the following:

Arkansas Blackboard Users Conference – April 3 – 4, 2008 – University of Arkansas – Little Rock
Blackboard World 2009 – July 14 – 16, 2009 – Washington, DC

Utilizing Blackboard Grade Center


This one hour course instructed the college community on the Blackboard Grade Center tool in keeping students informed about their grades in courses. The session was offered to instructors during the college’s pre-service.

Documents from this presentation

Using Grade Center In SouthArk Blackboard (PDF Format)

Using Blackboard Discussion Boards


This one hour course instructed the college community on the Blackboard Discussion Board tool to facilitate discussion of topics in face-to-face and online courses. The session was offered to instructors during the college’s pre-service.

Documents from this presentation

Getting Started with Discussion Boards in Blackboard (PDF Format)
Doing More with Discussion Boards in Blackboard (PDF Format)

Blackboard For Dummies or Everything I Wanted to Know About Blackboard But Didn’t Know Who To Ask!


This one hour course reviewed basics of the Blackboard system. This included a review of the Blackboard tools and a question and answer session. Instructors could ask questions to the leader about any of the issues or thoughts they had about the college’s Blackboard system. The session was offered to instructors during the college’s pre-service.

Documents from this presentation

– No Documents were handed out during this presentation.

Online Instructors Development Day


This day long session was presented to online instructors. The session discussed the issues that instructors deal with and work to find resolutions. Topics also covered were the use of course rubrics, communication flow with students, use of new technologies, and the improvements to the Blackboard Learning system for the new semester.

Documents from this presentation

Your Blackboard Guide Book (PDF Format)

Latest Online Technologies to Enhance Teaching


This one hour course reviewed the technologies offered to the college community that would enhance the instruction of learning objectives to students in college courses. The session was offered to instructors during the college’s pre-service.

Documents from this presentation

– Handout documents from this presentation unavailable.

Creating Content for Your Blackboard Course


This 6-hour session, developed for the College of Nursing, instructed professors in the development of PowerPoint presentations with emphasis on utilizing color, graphics, and audio. The course emphasized the importance of these modalities within the collection of online learning theories. This session was presented in three 2-hour sessions as needed.

Documents from the presentation

– No documents are available for this presentation

Facilitating Chats


This one-hour presentation, developed in cooperation with Dr. Christopher T. Miller, discussed the utilization of classroom chats in on-line learning. The session emphasized developing classroom discussion, creating on-line classroom order, and maximizing time in the chatroom. This session was presented as needed.

Utilizing Compressed Video


This one-hour course was presented individually to professors scheduled to teach compressed video courses. This course covered practical use of Tandberg equipment, including cameras, touch screen controls, video, dvd, and computers. Participants also learned specific rules for developing content via compressed video delivery. This session was presented multiple times as needed.

Upgrading Blackboard


This one-hour course instructed the university community on changes and planned upgrades to the Blackboard Learning System. Topics included: archiving/exporting a course, scheduled down-time, removal of digital drop box, and examples of changes planned in the upcoming release. This session was presented thirty times at multiple sites.

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